Nest 4

I took this picture right after we moved into our house.  It is beautiful in its simplicity and represents what I am doing in this phase of my life…nesting.  I loved this picture so much that I scoured Etsy for similar art work.  I found this artist…

Nancy Jean Home

Nancy Jean Tobin from Nancy Jean Home.  Check her out on Etsy.


Freebie Desk Makeover


Recently, we had some neighbors put their house on the market.  We could tell from the piles of trash and junk that they were doing some serious purging.  We all know how much I love junk.  So I was keeping an eye out;)  It paid off.  They threw out a desk…which we snagged in under 5.  Thank goodness because it started raining.  Just the few minutes in the moisture bubbled the top!  I decided to re-stain the top and chalk paint the bottom. So I took out my trusty Citristrip and went to work.  It was pretty bad…
IMG_7389This is a cell phone picture.  Also very bad.  I had stain here but it wound up looking like 80′s oak.  Not the look I was going for.  It’s the price you pay for being cheap sometimes.

 It is an oak top but was originally it was stained dark.  Which was palatable.  This was not…
The finish was dated, glossy, and very uneven.  I went old school and did Minwax Polyshades.  I wouldn’t recommend it.  It was difficult to work with and took forever to dry.  It absorbed every piece of lint and dust in the garage.  My husband recommended we just sand it down.  In the end, we wound up stripping it again and getting a new stain.  I found this article by Centsational Girl.  I was going to use the Gel Stain she recommended.  As fate would have it, Lowes does not carry it and Chris picked out another product and Wipe-On Poly.  I seriously love it.  The Shanty Sisters use it all of the time.   It is Rust-Oleum Ultimate Woodstain in Kona.  I can’t brag on this stuff enough!  We finished with  the Wipe-On Poly.  I am in LOVE with it!  I am planning on using the Wipe-On instead of wax over the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on the bottom.  So here is the before…




and the after…



Back tomorrow with the Chalk Paint make-over.

Skeletons In My Closet…Part 1: Purging


Proverbs 31

For years, our lives have been so hectic, we were just busy trying to keep our heads above water.  There were so many things taking priority: moves, surgeries, having babies, and Autism diagnoses, just to name a few.  Major stuff.  We did routine maintenance but organizing, de-cluttering, and projects?  Forget about it.  We were in survival mode, people!

At this moment in my life I am pregnant with my sixth child, homeschooling three children, and my daughter Willow (who has Autism) is getting back surgery in the near future.  Still hectic.  It would seem like I don’t have time to de-clutter (again)…wouldn’t it?  What I have learned from the past is: if I don’t MAKE getting my home in order a priority during these stressful times it spirals…FAST!  I find it interesting that I could not find a single “wildly successful” organizing blog that revolves around a large family. Hmm.  Like most women I want an organized, beautiful home.  I want to be creative and have a home that recharges, not drains us. For a family of this size, that is easier said than done.  So I guess I have found the proverbial and ever elusive “Blogging  Niche.”  Ironic, since this is my first post since March.  Willow decided I needed to take a break from blogging and online.  She smashed my computer.  It’s was in the shop for 5 months.  How’s that for simplifying?

When you are needing to simplify there is only one thing to do: dive in!  Because if you don’t, life will happen and you won’t ever get to it.  There are several ideas that I have come across that work.  They don’t require strict, complicated schedules and charts.  I call it, simply,  “Purge, Sell, and Buy.”  Purging keeps the clutter from consuming your home (and makes your life easier), Selling generates income for your family, and buy only when prices are low.   Not waiting until you “need it” helps save you money.  This is secret to any well run home.  It has nothing to do with income and everything to do with stewardship.  My husband comes from a long line of German, Catholic women who run their homes like a well-oiled machine.  They have used this same method for generations.  Then he married me.  Did I mention how I started my blog?


1.  40 bags in 40 days -  This is something that historically happens during Lent.  Why wait?  You just get a roll of commercial garbage sacks and start loading them up.  It works.  Trust me…

2.  Three boxes - Go into each room with 3 boxes.  Label them “Keep,” “Give Away,” and “Trash.” Load them up.  Just make sure they get out of the house;)

Sell and Buy:

3.  Consign - When you are purging it is easy to make a pile of items that you could make money off of.  We have several sales here and stores.  This is especially helpful at generating income to replenish what you have.

For Furniture, Crafts, and Vintage Items:

Sell Online:

Another problem area we have is books and homeschool supplies.  I have a solution for that too.

I saved an obvious option for last.

Garage sales.  I am going to be honest here.  I never have made much money at them with one exception: our neighborhood garage sales.  I have found fantastic deals but I usually wait until later in the morning and see what is leftover.  People usually want to get rid of items and get back inside by the end of the day.  This is especially true of furniture.

I am going to do a series on this, in preparation of Willow’s surgery and the upcoming birth of our son, in late August.  I want to be like the quote from Proverbs 31 and “laughing at the days to come.”  So, if you are like me, and you are wanting a beautiful, organized, loving home to raise your family in…then join me.  If you already have that…this is not your blog and you need to email me for a guest post;)

Kamikaze Computer

About a month ago, I was sitting downstairs enjoying some much needed family time. The only person who opted not to join us was our reclusive daughter, Willow. Her unsociableness, a hazard of her Autism. I was pondering how well the day was going, when a large crash in the room above me jolted me back to reality. I rushed upstairs to find Willow racing wild-eyed out of my bedroom. Not good. It was then I saw the victim of the crime. My beloved computer was gasping for life shattered to bits, lying on my bedroom floor. It has been over a month since I dropped you off at the Computer Doctor. Lover….I miss you. I need you to come home.

Happy Birthday, Baby!


Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

You have R.S.V.

Last year it was the flu


My son is cursed.  On my baby’s first birthday, he had the misfortune of coming down with the flu.  But even the flu could not keep him from looking absolutely adorable on camera.  Nor did it put him in a bad mood.   I prepared for a year to make his second birthday special for him.  Despite the fact that it falls on Superbowl Sunday and everyone would rather be watching football, than eating cake with a toddler.  Except his Momma;)  When he started coughing and running a fever over the weekend…I panicked.  I took him in on his birthday and we got the verdict: R.S.V.  Are you kidding me?  What are the chances you get sick for two years in a row on your birthday?  Doesn’t he have enough to worry about with the Superbowl trying to rob him of his glory?  When I started taking pictures, you can tell he felt awful.


  He perked up when the cake was set before him.  You can even see a hint of a smile on his face.  My husband came up with the genius idea of putting the candle on HIS piece of cake so he wouldn’t blow out the candle and spread germs all over the cake.  The cake is from Merritt’s.  The official name is “Snowflake Cake.”  It is affectionately called “Ding Dong Cake” because it is just what it tastes like.  It. Is. Heaven.  Go get one.  Right now.  You won’t regret it.  It is so good that it can even make a grouchy toddler with R.S.V. look like this…

_MG_0370…happy!  Make a wish!!!  Happy Birthday, baby!  I am sure he is wishing that next year he won’t be sick on his birthday;)

My Mom’s Junk…A Frame Update

mom photo

For those of you who are new to my blog I will give a brief summary: my Mom is a hoarder, so I started a blog and a business to fix up the garage full of stuff I inherited.  My Mom has many amazing qualities.  I love my Mom.  She just isn’t the best house keeper.  A year ago, she finally said: “Enough!  All of this stuff needs to go!  It’s overwhelming!!!”  She told us she would rather see us enjoy it while she was alive and to divide it up and take what we wanted.  My siblings and I rescued or got rid of decades worth of stuff from her home to help her fix her house up to sell.  It was a tremendous blessing but emotionally painful for everyone involved and a tremendous amount of work.  Unfortunately, my siblings and I did not have the staff of the show Hoarders to help.  It’s been a process and we still have a very, very long way to go.  When sorting through stuff at my Mom’s items often fall into three categories:

1.) Beyond repair or trash.  It needs to be thrown out and probably should have been thrown out a decade  decades ago.  She is incredibly sentimental and has a hard time letting stuff go.  Which is why the house is packed to the gills.

2.) Needing repair but salvageable.  This is the most emotionally painful.  It is usually something of (former) beauty or (former) value and was neglected to the point of needing to be fixed or putting it out of its misery.  I am the one that usually winds up with these items.  My brother and sister know my knack for painting and re-purposing.  If we can save it we will.

3.) In the original packaging because she bought it and never used it or lost it in the house.  Usually when these items are found you feel like you won the lottery.  I have been known to openly weep for joy upon finding such items.  I have issues.

These frames came from my Mom’s house.  Thankfully, these frames fell into the latter category.  Admittedly, they could be used in their current state but they were a little two formal for me.  So I decided to paint them and make them “Junky”.  These definitely fall into the “sell” category.

Picture Frame-1Tune in tomorrow to see what I did with these two babies;)

DIY New Years Resolutions…Update

First item at River City

First item to sell at River City

I managed to get one of my DIY 2014 projects off my wish list.  I painted my hutch Duck Egg Blue by Annie Sloane and used  ceramic rose knobs from Hobby Lobby.  I even managed to get them 50% off.  Yea!!!!!  I finally got off the waiting list at River City Trading Post  in downtown Jenks.  I have a booth that I am sharing with my Cousin and Sister-In-Law.  So this will be my first item I am selling.  I love it so much that I hate to see it go:(

Ceramic Rose Drawer Pulls

Ceramic Rose Drawer Pulls

I have to tell you that I am in love with this color!!!!

Hutch In Duck Egg Blue, Rose Knobs

Hutch In Duck Egg Blue, Rose Knobs

My DIY New Years Resolutions (A.K.A. paint, paint, and more paint;) Update!

1. Paint my kitchen cabinets.

  • Update on this project…I got a quote in hopes of doing it sooner than later.  It was was very high.  I have used this paint company before and I know they are good and their prices are fair.  I definitely know that I can’t get these to look the way I want if I do it myself.  The prep work is insane (they cover everything in plastic) and they use a sprayer.  It is also fast drying oil based paint.  Which is extremely hard to work with.  So I am going to have to bite the bullet.  It just might have to wait until next year.

2.  Paint my living room bookcases

  • The quote on this project was a little more reasonable since it was smaller.  I might go ahead and have them painted this spring.

3. Paint my hutch in the living room (Duck Egg Blue?)

4.  Paint my master bedroom and bathroom and clear out the clutter from my closet.

  • This is a definite DIY and on my hit list.

5. Decorate Willow’s Room

6.  Paint and decorate Krystiana, Alex, and Landon’s rooms.  The flat Lambswool by Pratt and Lambert is just getting GROSS!

7.  Have our foyer painted or figure out how we can DIY it with a 16 foot ceiling.

  • Got the quote.  Yikes!

8.  Do some minor (is it ever?) remodeling in out master bath and laundry room.

9.  Tame the clutter beast!

10.  Start cooking more!

  • Well…I bought some cookbooks;)

Times Are A Changin’


The Denham kids.  Clockwise from top: Tommy (Dee's Dad), Jimmy, Danny (my Dad), Shirley, David.

The Denham kids. Clockwise from top: Tommy (Dee’s Dad), Jimmy, Danny (my Dad), Shirley, and David.

I’ve been on a little creative sabbatical.  Not a peep from me in weeks.  So much has changed around here, I wouldn’t know where to start.  I think I’ll collect my thoughts before I share details.  The first, most important change, is that I am joining forces with my beautiful and incredibly creative cousin, Dee.  Our fathers are brothers.  I think that makes sense?  Maybe not;)  There is a camaraderie forged from being a part of the same dysfunctional family.  We are kindred spirits.  Our tastes are similar and I really believe she will be an asset to my vision of what I want My Mom’s Junk to be.  We are looking to set up shop at River City Trading Company and participate in a local sale called Vintage Market Days.  Also will be setting up an Etsy Shop.  More details on that later.  I will start posting consistently by the end of next week.  Can’t wait to share some DIY tutorials and updates around the house.